Argos Ingegneria S.p.A. since its foundation has developed a series of innovative projects, now standard products, with a wide range of applications in the sector of airports, allowing to improve regularity, efficiency and safety of traffic flow.

These applications are mainly dedicated to:

  • Airport system engineering, with the development of Master Plans and performing technical analysis, feasibility studies and site surveys.
  • The improvement of ”Air-Side” safety through the design and development command and control systems such as, among others: R.S.A.M.S. for alerting ground control in case of runway incursions and GVMS for the monitoring of vehicular airport ground traffic.
  • Airport Photometry, with the design and development of a family of sophisticated Hi Tech products: SMF/F, SMF/M, SMF/L dedicated to the measure of the AGL photometric characteristics and SMF/PAPI that measures on ground the alignment of PAPI units. These systems, besides having patents released, have been certified by ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) and are presently undergoing certification also in U.S.A. by F.A.A. and in France by S.T.A.C.
  • The Logistic field, that besides performing the measurement of AGL photometric characteristics using Argos produced SMF family systems, provides also “turnkey solutions”, starting from the technical specification/design phase up to the product supply, installation and related maintenance.

The set of certified products in the photometry field, makes Argos today the only company in the world able to cover the entire sector of airport photometry.

Argos is present with its products, systems and services in more than 50 airports in Italy and abroad.