Argos  Ingegneria  was  established  in  1995  as  an  experienced  group  of  managers  and  senior engineers lead by Mr. Umberto Di Nardo, formerly Director of SELENIA/ALENIA ATC Division.

Since its foundation Argos Ingegneria invests its technical experience and skills in several branches as designer, developer, manufacturer and service provider in the field of aerodromes, with the mission to improve airports capabilities through development of systems able to increase both efficiency and safety in airside operations.

The initial background in Air Traffic Control systems (ATC) was driving many of the projects developed by Argos Ingegneria along more than 20 years of company life. Latest achievements in ATC projects include the design, development and manufacturing of an advanced dual channel offset S-Band Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) Antenna for TMA applications and design of a full digital PSR S-Band dual channel receiver based on COTS components.

ATC applications have been also integrated with ground based systems to control both aircraft movements in maneuvering areas for early detection of runway incursions (RSAMS system), and realtime vehicles location and tracking in airport safety critical areas (GVMS system).

On the line of a continuous improvement of airside operations, Argos Ingegneria, since 1999, started the design and development of airfield photometry systems devoted to the assessment of Airfield Lights conformity with ICAO Annex 14 recommendations. The excellent results obtained by equipment initially released in the domestic and international markets, and the favorable evaluation got from regulation authorities, were convincing Argos Ingegneria to invest in the set-up of the most complete catalogue of photometric  instruments,  covering any need in terms of AGL assessment, from Precision Approach Path Indicators lights measurement and alignment (SMF/PAPI), to high speed Runway/Taxi mobile measurement systems (SMF/Mobile), repair and testing workshop systems (SMF/Lab), Vertical Signs measurement (SMF/Sign). Last born of Argos Instruments is SMF/Fix, a brand new instrument created for performing outdoor or indoor static measurements of airfield lighting fixtures including PAPI. It is a hand use instrument that is able to reach infield lights that are not reachable by conventional mobile systems. It works without the requirement of a vehicle. Nowadays the completeness of its product range makes Argos Ingegneria as the worldwide market leader in AGL Photometric Systems, serving more than 600 airports in 20 countries.

Argos Ingegneria organization is provided with a Maintenance Dept. in charge of all technical after sale activities needed to assist products and systems worldwide.  Maintenance Dept. offers two types of service:

•  Preventive maintenance, to maintain the best operational conditions and preventing age related failures of the equipment, including periodical calibration of system sensors.

•  Corrective  maintenance,  to  repair  and  maintain  the  equipment  after  a  mechanical  or electronic break-down.

Argos Ingegneria has developed special benches and devices for the perfect alignment and calibration of SMF/PAPI, SMF/M and SMF/L electronic and optoelectronic sensors.  Particularly SMF/CLC and SMF/MCT may be provided to SMF/PAPI, SMF/M and SMF/L customers that intend to periodically check system performances at their own site.