This sector is the most recent and promising one both in Italy and abroad, dedicated to the design and development of “SMF” (Photometric Measurement System), a family of equipments able to measure the photometric characteristics of Airport Ground Lights and check that their performance meets ICAO requirements. In particular: SMF/F and SMF/M, “stop & go” and “mobile” systems for the measurement of runway and taxiway lights, SMF/L a system to perform indoor checks of the AGL characteristics before installation on field and SMF/PAPI a ground based system, certified as alternative to flight check, for the measurement of the alignment of PAPI units, SMF/SCF-ALS a system for the certification of Airport lighting systems.
These systems, besides having patents released, have been certified by ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) and are presently undergoing certification also in U.S.A. by F.A.A. and in France by S.T.A.C.

Airport Systems/Products

Argos experience in the ATC field allowed the design and development of “Land-Side” products and Command & Control systems such as RSAMS for alerting ground control in presence of runway incursion and GVMS for the monitoring of vehicular airport ground traffic, for which patents have been released. Belonging to this sector is also the development of the primary surveillance radar receiver RX 1909, using low cost COTS technologies, for the upgrading of radars no longer maintainable due to obsolete components. Argos developed also SW tools:

  • to increase airport efficiency and capacity such as ACS-ADD for the exchange of data between airport management companies and CAP for the evaluation of airport capacity.
  • applied to embedded systems in order to be customized in Argos applications such as : AGEMS, ISI-PARK, Perimeter Surveillance System.