Airport Systems/Products

This sector devoted to design and development of ATC Command & Control products and systems:

  • RSAMS: system for alerting ground control in presence of runway incursion;
  • GVMS: system for the monitoring of vehicular airport ground traffic for which patents have been released.
  • VAMS: system that within A-SMGCS is able to perform the Guidance function.
  • RX 1909: primary surveillance radar receiver using low cost COTS technologies for the upgrading of radars no longer maintainable due to obsolete components.
  • ACS-ADD: within the Apron Control System, ADD is used to acquire and axchange the main information between ATC systems and Airport Management Systems
  • AGEMS: system that identifies aircrafts that exceed the allowed acoustic level in the APP area and informs the Civil Aviation Authority
  • ISI-PARK: Intelligent system for management of cars in airport parking areas.
  • Perimeter Surveillance System: system that controls the airport area in order to prevent non authorized accesses or intrusions.
  • SIML/SIMC: system for Local (SIML) and Central (SIMC) management of information for airport maintenance.
  • CAP: system for the evaluation of airport capacity.