“SMF” (Photometric Measurement System) a family of equipments able to measure the photometric characteristics of Airport Ground Lights and check that their performance meets ICAO requirements.

  • SMF/Fix: “stop & go” field photometric system able to perform the measurement via a 13 sensors array installed inside a portable board.
  • SMF/M: mobile photometric system able to perform the measurement of the airfield lights while moving (no stop) along runways and taxiways. SMF/M allows night and day operations.
  • SMF/L: lab system recommended for indoor operations of customers requiring a precise measurement of all inset and elevated fittings of AGL, in order to certificate the performances of fixture before the installation in the airfield.
  • SMF/PAPI: ground based system certified as alternative to flight check for the measurement of the alignment of PAPI units.
  • SMF/CLC: SMF Collimated Laser Calibrator (SMF/CLC) tool for calibrating the SMF/PAPI instrument performance during the Elevation and the Chromaticity/Intensity Tests.
  • SMF/MCT: SMF/MCT tool for accurate calibration of Argos photometric instruments sensor bars.
  • SMF/SIGN: SMF/SIGN tool for Complete Photometric Analysis of any type of Vertical Sign according to ICAO Annex 14 recommendations
  • SMF/SCF–ALS: photometric certification system for Airport Lighting Systems.